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The Holithographe transforms your black screen
into a 21st century artwork


The Holithographe

The Holithographe illuminates your space with holokinetic paintings by the artist K-soul


The Holithographe, a small electronic box, connects to your screen with the supplied HDMI cable

Technical informations
The Holithographe is sold with its manual :
Holokinetic Painting – Light Partition

Three models :

HOLITHOGRAPHE 1.0 – 4 holokinetic paintings – loop of 1h
HOLITHOGRAPHE 2.0 – 8 holokinetic paintings – loop of 2h
HOLITHOGRAPHE 3.0 – 12 holokinetic paintings – loop of 3h




The holokinetic painting

Shapes become alive, amazing flowers are silently appearing and evaporating, blazing stars are radiating, worlds are collapsing and reemerging. Summer inflammation and winter crystallisation, autumnal death and spring resurrection presage the meaning of our presence on earth. Metamorphosis of shapes and colours, secret words of an universal language, a soft light in the heart of a seed hides the mystery.

At the convergence of art and science, artist K-soul paints the creative processes of the universe, the mysteries of light and darkness. K-soul creates the living light painting dreamed of by Kandinsky, Malevitch or Paul Klee.



The Swiss artist K-soul has devoted many years to the development of holokinetic painting. This painting of the 21st century marks the crossing of a historic threshold. Over the last few centuries, artists have sought to integrate light and movement into the pictorial work. The living painting of light solves this quest and initiates a new era of creation.

The holokinetic painting is handmade using a screen as a painter’s canvas. The artist paints directly the light. With a computer system, it records and superimposes the movements and gestures of its brush. According to a precise pictorial language, the artist develops a living cosmos of light. K-soul is currently the only artist to master this technique



Carlos GonzálezRoyal Academy of Arts – San Fernando – Spain

« If the evolution of art in the 20th century was essentially dedicated to the development of contemporary art, today I am witness to the most avant-garde art I have ever known. The 21st century is represented in these K-soul’s artworks »

Frédéric KünziArt historian, independant curator at Gianadda Foundation
Excerpt of the radio broadcast « Devine qui vient dîner » – RTS La 1ère

It was a friend of Leonard Gianadda who told me about the work of K-soul and I have been absolutely enthusiastic. Even I do not like non-figurative. I am an expert of the 19th century. Usually I curate exhibitions of painters of the 19th century as Félix Vallotton or at the beginning of 20th century like Giacometti. My interest and curiosity led me to meet K-soul and I have been absolutely amazed by this kind of art and by the constantly changing forms and colours. In the artworks of K-soul there is no object that you can define, it is really the amazement of the imagination.

This art contains everything that we can see in the universe, this means black holes, supernovas, white dwarfs, you can see and imagine everything… I remained for hours in an exhibition of K-soul, looking at the evolving artworks, going from one to another.

I imagine also that his love for nature makes the beauty of the colours and the luminosity that we can find in its artworks.

Why are we close to painters like Kandinsky, like Klee ? Because it is a painting which behind the forms is searching the secrets of the light, the secrets of movement in substance, a painting that searches inside the things. It’s the vibration that all these painters were looking for and wanted to define, and that K-soul realised. »

Suzie Walshe« New York Arts Magazine »

« … Looking to modern art influences including Kandinsky, Klee, Malevich, Beuys, or Mondrian, K-soul takes an approach that furthers these previous artists’ pursuit of the pure and the spiritual in art. Like Kandinsky, his artworks stir the same associations with music and dance, and embody Wagner’s conception of the Gesamtkunstwerk.

Taking up where Malevich left off with his Suprematist Composition: White on White, K-soul takes painting into the future, by introducing the next logical medium: time. Yet, according to K-soul, when integrating time into the static image, you also are integrating “radiant light and movement in it.

K-soul also examines the divine nature of existence, and the vibrational energy fields of all of life. K-soul’s work hovers somewhere in between, both essentialised and pure in its abstraction, yet always reverent of nature and human life energies.

Ultimately, his work represents a cosmology of existence that is at once otherworldly and completely of this world, sensual and divine, eternal and completely of the moment: in short the totalised artwork once imagined in the last century, but never fully realised until now. »



Models :
Holithographe 1.0 – 1’000 CHF
4 holokinetic paintings – loop of 1h

Holithographe 2.0 – 2’500 CHF
8 holokinetic paintings – loop of 2h

Holithographe 3.0 – 4’700 CHF
12 holokinetic paintings – loop of 3h

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Fenalet – 1880 Bex – Switzerland


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